Defining the problem

and understanding the cure

What is under-automation? And why do so many business owners still choose to ignore its impact on the efficiency and economic viability of their operations?

men in warehouse with clip board
the reality of under-automation

The reality of under-automation and manual labour

Multiple studies conducted over the last few years have highlighted the hours and days' worth of time going to waste from outdated and under-automated processes. Almost 24% of businesses lose up to a full day of productivity every week trying to locate information to serve their customers. Sound familiar?

Automation transformations

A company that is growing might not necessarily be evolving at the same time. Growth may come with recruiting more staff and expanding your premises, but what about the maturity, confidence, and stability of the business? In order to grow as well as evolve, businesses must be open to new ideas, new ways of doing things, and new ways of thinking. 

For our own customers, that meant taking a leap of faith and changing processes that had been in place for years.

woman using clip board in warehouse
concerned woman looking at a clipboad in a warehouse

The future of your business

If the focus of your next financial year is maintaining and protecting current profit margins, it's critical your business is operating from within an infrastructure that’s able to cope with any further economic turbulence. With intense pressure from the fallout of the pandemic and post-Brexit era, companies must also deal with issues around supply chain and labour shortages. 

Experts in automation

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